Are you interested in African wildlife?

 Did you ever wonder what it would be like to work with African game species?

Why choose Parawild?

The Parawild Team invites you to come to capture and relocate African Wildlife with us. Parawild will give you the opportunity to become part of Wildlife Management through relocating animals in their natural habitat.  Need continual education credits in your Summer holidays or are you just wild? South Africa is home to some of the world’s wildest places and animals.

Parawild gives our clients the opportunity to experience all that South Africa has to offer, including the beauty of its landscapes, history, cultural traditions, the excitement of capturing wild animals and fulfilling your desire to contribute to Wildlife Conservation.

Workshops are set up so that you will during your 10-day stay meet at least two Wildlife Veterinarians, Specialists in Herpetology, Epidemiology and Rehabilitation of Wildlife. Lectures include Animal Handling, Pharmacology, History of Capture Methodology, Capture Techniques, Husbandry, Relocation, Application Devises( helicopter exercise) and much much more…