Project Description

Our wildlife capture field workshops for wildlife professionals and people interested in free-ranging conservation and management. If you are physically fit, enjoy strenuous outdoor work and a high level of adrenaline, this is the workshop for you!

As a student on our workshop, you will learn professional and humane animal handling during capture.  Through lecture presentations and fieldwork, we will teach you practical techniques to maximize field success and minimize risk to people and animals.

Classroom topics will include chemical and mechanical game capture, drug delivery systems, immobilization drugs, and basic veterinary procedures. And your hands-on experience will include darting practice and wildlife captures in free-ranging situations.

We will give you plenty of personal attention because we limit each session to 10 participants.

Depending on what captures are available at the time, your capture experience may range from a nighttime lion capture to catching several hundred antelope in a day.  All captures are done for legitimate management reasons.  Your participation in captures will be as extensive as possible, limited only by field conditions, the species being handled, and safety issues.

We will work with very dangerous wild animals in free-ranging situations. We try our best to ensure your safety, however, you participate in captures at your own risk and you must act responsibly.

You MUST be eighteen years of age or older to participate in this workshop.

Many of our hands-on activities require a high level of physical fitness. For safety sake, you are expected to be able to sprint short distances (100 meters), run medium distances (200 meters), climb over 2 meters (6 ft.) fences, and have a great deal of endurance!

The captures you will participate on will expose you to rough conditions. You must be prepared to be up very early, working outside, in the sun, doing physical work most of the day. And you will have the time of your life!

You will stay in a dormitory style or camping setting.  Necessary camping equipment and food will be provided.  We operate in the Northern Province of South Africa.  Students will be picked up at the airport in Johannesburg.

You can see photos and comments from students on past workshops on the Parawild website: or our Facebook page: Parawild Edu-Capture.